Moodboard Alert: Shapeshifter Shapes Mid-Century Design

Mid-Century Design is always reinventing itself. Why not get on board with Shapeshifter?

Shapeshifter. This week we bring you a one of kind design stamp that is here to recreate and rejoin concepts in any way, shape and form when it comes to design. From the path of reconstruction to balance and comfort – everything is seamless and in place.

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“Nada se perde, tudo se transforma.”


This was the motto for this weeks mood board, according to DelightFULL’s designer. The perfect blend of tones and textures give way to peaceful chaos, where balance is created. A pathway to balance among design, Shapeshifter has all types and sizes of emotions.

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Soothing tones such as Candal Blue and Chilli Pepper carry the heavy weight of transmitting the most wanted balance in any home decor. Speaking with the designer, the butterfly symbolizes change and transformation, so why not bet on that this Summer season 2019?

It’s all about balance and attention to detail. The mid-century lighting brand designer captured the essence of the minimalist design in pieces such as the brand novelty Marcus Suspension and Abbey Floor, also a novelty.

Single and timestamped movements that flow in seconds capture the way that the design industry is a high way and fast-paced rhythm in the world. The designer mentions that the chosen mid-century lighting pieces capture the golden essence of the mid-century design alongside with the modern world.

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Geometric patterns are given place to set boundaries and orders. Distorted tones and shapes in a world that calls for simplicity and order, Shapeshifter comes to set a design trend.

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