The KariGhars: Call Your House ‘Home’!

Trends fade. It is only style that stays the same

A house is a building where you sleep, make dinner, and that’s it. A home is where you can truly be yourself and where you feel safe and has the power to recharge your batteries for the daily basis. The Indian Design Company, The KariGhars can help you on this matter, so you can stop calling the place where you live “house”, but instead of that, Home. Continue reading and discover more about the company and design projects in the field.

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The KariGhars: Call Your House 'Home'!

With years of experience, the Indian Design Company has the main goal to transform your houses into homes! To achieve that goal, the team of professionals are by your side since the very beggining to the final result. The professionals believe that understanding the clients’ needs and wishes, having in consideration aesthetics and functionality, are the kay of success!

The KariGhars: Call Your House 'Home'!

Homes are built “By using uplifting color schemes, well-designed furnishings and furniture and thoughtful manipulation of light and space is how we are able to bring your dream home into reality”, The KariGhars

The KariGhars: Call Your House 'Home'!

The team consists of the best interior designers in Bangalore that came together to form The Karighars, and the values are what we most admire in this company. The trick is not only professionalism and architecture and design knowledge, but also the understanding of simple aspects such as ‘beauty’ and ‘harmony’.

The KariGhars: Call Your House 'Home'!

The team has in mind that “every person seeks something different in the quest of beautiful. It’s not enough to create beautiful designs but to create designs that have a personal touch to them. We are recognized for our eclectic and emblematic designs but our main source of inspiration still remains you”, The KariGhars.

The KariGhars: Call Your House 'Home'!

The top 10 interior designers in Bangalore will help you searching and selecting the best ideas for your fresh new home décor, since the concept, colors, patterns, furnishing and lighting.

The KariGhars: Call Your House 'Home'!

The design team will analyze your budget and will offer you a wide range of materials and services such as “modern modular kitchens – a process where guidance from our team of modular kitchen designers in Bangalore will be crucial. We also believe in mutually achieving a common ground for the design pattern of wardrobes, and the specifics of the home interior requirement so that our interior decorators in Bangalore can start planning ahead”.

The KariGhars: Call Your House 'Home'!

A company that will save you time and … will also save your home décor!

The KariGhars: Call Your House 'Home'!

The final result will be the client’s dream come true! A place where aesthetics and funtionality are holding hands, and a space that truly reflects whom you are!

The KariGhars: Call Your House 'Home'!

“Design Is Not Just What It Looks Like And Feels Like, Design Is How It Works”, Steve Jobs

The KariGhars: Call Your House 'Home'!

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If you have any design project or if you’re willing to make a home renovation to receive Summer, these are the contact details of the company:


1566, 2nd Floor, Service Rd,
Agara Village, 1st Sector,
HSR Layout, Bengaluru – 560102
Karnataka, India

Phone Number: +91 9945953945

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