To Do In Quarantine: Recreate a Music Video?

Most of the European countries have now been in quarantine for a week now. There are a lot of creative activities to do to not get bored while being 24/24 at home. So, we’ve tried to come with an activity as well… creating a Music video. So, let’s get this started to make your time in quarantine a little more fun.?‍♀️?‍♂️

Before we can start making our music video we have to check out if we got everything. So, do we have enough time to make it? YES, thanks to your quarantine you have plenty of time. Afterwards, you search for some good music and practise some nice dancing moves. Last, but not least, you should also have a nice space to film your video, so everything melts perfectly together.

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Let’s start with the perfect song, what about: “Love me Like you Do, from Ellie Goulding“. A song that I’ve been listening to a couple of times since being in quarantine. The song should be the centre of your video clip, so check out what your favourite song is about. In this example, you see that the song is about love and feeling comfortable.

To do in quarantine: Recreate a Music Video.?
Part of Ellie Goulding’s music video.

The next step is to already think once about how you want to film everything, are going for nature or do you prefer a (mid-century) modern styled environment. Of course, keep in mind that you have to stay in quarantine so don’t go to another location: #stayathome! From that point, you can start looking further for objects and settings. If we take a look at this video clip wee see mid-century styled lamps, and on the left, we see the Turner table lamp. So, that’s one hell of an example of how you could make a music video even more powerful.

To do in quarantine: Recreate a Music Video.?
The turner lamp featured in all the 50 shades movies.

The next step is that we should get some dancing moves, not that much but just enough. And because we’re all in quarantine, we can easily download Just Dance. This game helps you to get the real dancer out of you, just like we try to get your creative spirit out of you during these days. So make some space in your living room, connect your Wii, Xbox, or whatever device you want to play with and enjoy.

To do in quarantine: Recreate a Music Video.?
Open op your living room, just like they did here. Make some space to move.
To do in quarantine: Recreate a Music Video.?
Always move, no excuses. not even quarantine. You have to continue moving!

The last step before you start filming is preparing everything to get yourself as comfortable as possible. This means that you should wash your hands first (living the quarantine life) before doing something, no matter what. Then you should just prepare your location, get your stuff ready, your music on the good volume and get your dancing shoes out. Also, don’t forget to have good lighting while filming. A lamp like the Hank suspension would be perfect for that task, as you can change all of the little lights.

To do in quarantine: Recreate a Music Video.?
The only lighting you need to shoot a perfect and simple music video.

Voila, these were some recommendations to create your own amazing music video. Hope you can enjoy your time a little bit, don’t forget to share your creation with us on social media. We would love to see what you have made!

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Hope you feel inspired to make your own music video during your quarantine!

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