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Get Inside: Nyjah Huston鈥檚 Zen Laguna Beach Pad 馃ぉ

Nyjah Huston is one of the best skaters on the planet. He welcomes us into his amazing mansion on the hills of Laguna Beach,
in California.

Nyjah Huston is a man who likes to have everything ordered and in place. That鈥檚 exactly how you can describe this amazing wide and openly designed mansion, very mid-century, on the hills of Laguna Beach. Now let鈥檚 go and take a look at this $3,2 million black-and-white mansion.

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Let鈥檚 first take a look at the element that made Nyjah Huston buy this mansion: the open view from the living room. So, let鈥檚 start our house tour over there. As you see in the picture, down below, you see a very open and keen area. Especially the use of white as the main colour empowers the size of the living room. We would even suggest to go further and even install a white suspension lamp, to embrace the colour even further. He could opt for a Carter Suspension Light. This suspension doesn鈥檛 only have the white colour that would embrace this room, but it would also add a mid-century feeling to the modern room. Making it the perfect mid-century modern, and even contemporary, living room.

Get inside: Nyjah Huston鈥檚 Zen Laguna Beach Pad 馃ぉ
The amazing open living room.
Get inside: Nyjah Huston鈥檚 Zen Laguna Beach Pad 馃ぉ
The one and only Carter Suspension.
Ebook Top ID Mid-Century

The next room we want to show you is one that shows you how good Nyjah Huston actually is in skating. We鈥檒l be taking a look at his 鈥榯rophy-room鈥. It鈥檚 a darker room, but here you can see and feel that everything in this room is of high quality. Take a look at the little pillows and couches. This room is made to show how much he cares about his trophies from all of the skating championships he won. As the room hasn鈥檛 that much light, we would suggest putting some floor lamps. As a floor lamp will always shine around itself and the directions you point its lights at, that鈥檚 why the Amy floor lamp would be the perfect match.

Get inside: Nyjah Huston鈥檚 Zen Laguna Beach Pad 馃ぉ
The many trophies Nyjah Huston won over the years.
Get inside: Nyjah Huston鈥檚 Zen Laguna Beach Pad 馃ぉ
The Amy floor lamp, with a touch of gold.

The next stop in this contemporary styled mansion is the kitchen. Something important to mention is that this house is renovated and co-designed with his mother. So, this place is more than just his home; it was a bonding process with his mother. Nyjah Huston鈥榮 mother knows him like nobody else, so she knew exactly what her son needed and the result is just perfect. The kitchen has nice features, including the nice round table and the couch that has been designed around it. Take a look at the nice suspension above the cooking island. It鈥檚 a modern lamp, and that鈥檚 a reason to change it. A lamp should add character to a room, that鈥檚 why we would change that lamp with the Laine suspension lamp.

Get inside: Nyjah Huston鈥檚 Zen Laguna Beach Pad 馃ぉ
The open and modern kitchen, with the fable right in the middle.
Get inside: Nyjah Huston鈥檚 Zen Laguna Beach Pad 馃ぉ
The Laine suspension lamp would be perfect in this kitchen.

The last room of this tour will be the, as Nyjah Huston calls it, game-and-chill room. This room is open and has only a bar and big snooker in the middle. There鈥檚 nothing else, what makes it look immense. However, we think that such an empty space deserves something that distracts everybody entering for the first time this room. As there鈥檚 already a snooker table we would make it kind of funny and put the Galliano Snooker right above the table.

Get inside: Nyjah Huston鈥檚 Zen Laguna Beach Pad 馃ぉ
The game room.
Get inside: Nyjah Huston鈥檚 Zen Laguna Beach Pad 馃ぉ
Galliano snooker lamp, big and amazing to look at.

Nyjah Huston house has been renovated everywhere he could. It鈥檚 not only the house itself that is spectacular. the location is breathtaking, the view you get, from everywhere in the house, is just astonishing and you鈥檒l never get sick of it.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post about Nyjah Huston鈥檚 Zen Laguna Beach Pad.

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