Get inside: Dribble ⛹?‍♂️ with us through JJ Redick’s house ?

JJ Redick shows us his amazing new duplex, which is renovated NYC warehouse in the Dumbo area (yes, Dumbo, just like the ?), where he lives in with his wife and 2 kids.

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Let’s start in one of JJ Redick‘s the most vital rooms of them all: the kitchen. The two colours in this kitchen just create a luxurious environment and it suits perfectly the mid-century style of the duplex. The only thing that is really missing is some lighting, you can see in the reflection of the cabinets, that there are only lights in the dining part of the room. However, every kitchen needs its own proper lighting element(s) and that’s why we would opt for the Carter suspension. Because there’s no other mid-century style lamp that embraces gold and blue like this one does.

Dribble ⛹?‍♂️ with us through JJ Redick's house ?
The definition of a mid-century style kitchen.
Dribble ⛹?‍♂️ with us through JJ Redick's house ?
The one and only Carter suspension.
Ebook Top ID Mid-Century

Next room in JJ Redick‘s duplex is the sitting room. This room is not at all like the kitchen. The mid-century styled sitting room, visibly surrounded by luxurious furniture, is fully in white. The colour makes this cosy corner feel bigger than it actually is, that feeling is also embraced by the brown accents in the pillows and the big painting on the wall. However, as this is a cosy sitting room a little table lamp wouldn’t bother at all. The floor lamp is a nice element, but it won’t embrace the cosy feeling like the Billy table lamp.

Get inside: Dribble ⛹?‍♂️ with us through JJ Redick's house ?
The white with brown accents just enforces the luxury feeling of this sitting room.
Get inside: Dribble ⛹?‍♂️ with us through JJ Redick's house ?
The billy lamp, white colours with the brass ‘skeleton’.

The last room of JJ Redick’s home in Brooklyn isn’t actually a real room, it’s his balcony. As you can see the mid-century style continues on the outside of his duplex. However, we can’t see any lights and we have the perfect solution for that. Let’s bring the 80’s back alive. We would opt for the neon lights number 1 and number 7, indeed his number when he played NBA for the Philadelphia 76ers.

Get inside: Dribble ⛹?‍♂️ with us through JJ Redick's house ?
The beautiful balcony to enjoy the NYC skyline by ?
Get inside: Dribble ⛹?‍♂️ with us through JJ Redick's house ?
Number 1 and Number 7, a little tribute to when JJ Redick played for the Phili team.

So, I think that this renovation can be really be described as a big success. The mid-century interior style of this duplex is just amazing.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post about the Brooklyn Duplex of NBA star JJ Redick.

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