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Fine Rooms is a interior design firm, located in Berlin, feature by amazing design professionals such as Markus Hilzinger and Isabella Hamann. The design company was founded in 2011, and today Inspirations Blog will give you the chance to know all about it!

Fine Rooms has a main goal: achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality in every single project they embrace. If you鈥檝e a design project in mind, don鈥檛 think twice, and go for Fine Rooms 鈥 you can expect the perfect vision of holistic design and a special attention to detail!

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Fine Rooms: Meet The Innovative German Interior Design Company!

Presenting Fine Rooms, the most perfect interior design firm located right in the heart of Berlin. Created in 2011, they establish an omnipresent design, through the amazing work of Markus Hilzinger and Isabella Hamann. Their work is all about the creation of settings with聽amazing colors, materials, finishing, art, and聽illumination.

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FINE ROOMS tells stories with their interior designs. Isabella Hamann says that they聽do it for the love of the 鈥渃hallenge to create something new and the inclusion of all aspects: the visual design language, the aesthetics of forms, the harmony of space and the聽sequence of design processes鈥.

Fine Rooms: Meet The Innovative German Interior Design Company!

The designers Markus Hilzinger and Isabella Hamann are the absolute masters when it comes to the establishment of聽luxurious interiors and perfectly devised product designs, as well as curating unique art concepts. Influenced by everything around them, they create a well-balanced聽symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality聽is of special concern to the Berlin design studio. For Markus Hilzinger, interior design is their ultimate love due to its possibility of enriching their lives. 鈥Designing is pure joie de vivre. Good design results in a harmonious discussion with the clients, the circumstances and the budget. This constant new challenge is really exciting and enriches our lives鈥. They absolutely love the results they鈥檙e able to achieve once on the creation of new ambiances.

Fine Rooms: Meet The Innovative German Interior Design Company!

This German top interior design company shares an amazing line of principals, and there are some elements that make them fulfilled professionally, such as the聽creativity for their projects, their design freedom, when they鈥檙e envisioning every setting, and of course the final results they achieve with every project they embrace, regardless of their style and placement. Markus Hilzinger says that 鈥The lived聽creativity and the design freedom聽of my work gives me the strength to find diverse solutions to any obstacles. A completed project with the positive reactions to the designs and the design is the most beautiful recognition for me鈥.

Fine Rooms: Meet The Innovative German Interior Design Company!

Fine Rooms creates聽bespoke interiors that are amazingly unique and original. Isabella Hamann says that sometimes that is hard to succeed in their career because every industry faces its challenges.聽鈥淭hroughout his career, there were a variety of exciting projects. Designing empty spaces with a special design in which people eat, sleep, relax 鈥 for a short time to become LIVES 鈥 is a permanently exciting creative process for me. A perfect balance between聽successful design and functionality. This was and is my biggest challenge for me to create special rooms for special people鈥. Although it鈥檚 one of her best achievements within the industry, the balance of聽successful design and functionality聽is also the biggest challenge they had to face. As far as Markus鈥檚 opinion goes,聽鈥designing such unique properties as the Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg or the Domhotel in Cologne are of course milestones. However, designing porcelain series such as Cosmopolitan or Vitruvius for the Meissen manufactory is also a drastic experience鈥.


Fine Rooms: Meet The Innovative German Interior Design Company!
Fine Rooms: Meet The Innovative German Interior Design Company!

Both Markus and Isabella feel that there are some things that are impossible to reach. Markus Hilzinger firmly believes that it聽鈥渨ould not be good to achieve anything in life, because then we would not have dreams anymore鈥 and often dreams are more beautiful than the reality! To have more time seems to be very desirable鈥. With those ideals, the聽interior design company聽focuses on developing the most incredible settings to their clients. 鈥淥ur customers are very different, and always very exciting as their projects, we聽work for hotel brands, for companies, and for individuals. Every project is unique to us鈥. The interior design company likes to work聽with different target audience types, because 鈥every customer and every project is absolutely individual鈥. They really think that鈥檚 important to establish a personal relationship with the client while loving the 鈥渘ew challenge and personal communication with the customers, we do not leave that up to anybody. Of course, we also rely on social networks and the press to talk about us and what is close to our hearts鈥.

Fine Rooms: Meet The Innovative German Interior Design Company!

At the moment, Fine Rooms it鈥檚 actually 鈥渞edesigning a聽grand hotel聽that looks back on an incredible historical history, but we also design a carpet collection for a large fabric publisher. At the same time, we are working on a listed ensemble where a company representative office for a large e-commerce company will be created. Every project requires absolute attention and the inspiration often comes from the context of the history, the location of the property and the wishes of the clients. For the carpet collection, for example, we were inspired by the nature, architecture, and symbolism of the city of Berlin鈥. They are looking forward to their聽future projects, and we鈥檙e sure that they鈥檒l achieve the most incredible establishments.

Fine Rooms: Meet The Innovative German Interior Design Company!

The聽interior design company聽affirms that eclecticism is the current trend in the design world, the one that鈥檚 going to prevail in the industry and future projects. When it comes to craftsmanship, Markus and Isabella affirm that 鈥渢he more perfect the craft the better the result. We love manufactories and traditional manufacturing methods鈥. They live for the art of聽interior design and craftsmanship聽while stating that 鈥渄esign is not just a creative process or object, but an attitude鈥.

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