Inspiring Eco-Friendly Mid-Century House

In a world increasingly more aware of the need for a bigger eco-friendly conscience, Clea House comes into the picture.
Designed by Nakhshab Development and Design (NDD), Clea House is located in the Mission Hills, in Santa Barbara, CA. Taking advantage of its beautiful surroundings and complementing them, this mid-century modern house also helps to preserve the existing site terrain.
Inspiring Eco-Friendly Mid-Century House
Not only a dazzling architectural feat, Clea House was also designed taking into consideration various sustainable measures very much in line with NDD’s design philosophy and according to the standard of LEED Gold. With this said, the house features a drought tolerant landscaping, nontoxic pest control, water efficient fixtures and fittings, high-efficiency LED lighting, energy star appliances, solar PV and environmentally preferable products.
And now is time to get inspired by its spectacular environmentally friendly home design.
Inspiring Eco-Friendly Mid-Century House InspiringEco-Friendly Mid-Century House InspiringEco-Friendly Mid-Century House InspiringEco-Friendly Mid-Century House
On the main level, we can find an open plan setting that comprises the kitchen, dining area and living room. This space opens to a wide patio, which is right next very green landscape that matches perfectly with the very mid-century teak cabinets in the kitchen and living room. All these clean lines and simple aesthetic add to the luxurious and modern feeling of the house.
InspiringEco-Friendly Mid-Century House
The family room is a lovely throwback to the 50’s, with bold colors and books filling the shelves, instead of the contemporary widescreen.
InspiringEco-Friendly Mid-Century House
The main bedroom contains the same teak woodwork as in the living area and the kitchen, which undoubtedly gives the house design a sense of continuity and cohesion.
InspiringEco-Friendly Mid-Century House
The best part about the bathrooms is that none of them features a bathtub! These were replaced for wide and open-spaced showers, making sure water is being saved, while looking effortlessly chic.
Inspiring Eco-Friendly Mid-Century House Inspiring Eco-Friendly Mid-Century House InspiringEcoFriendly Mid-Century House
Photo Credit: Paul Body
Since The Clea House was designed to be green, its rooftop deck has a special area filled with 25 super discreet solar panels.
InspiringEcoFriendly Mid-Century House InspiringEco-Friendly Mid-Century House
Also in the rooftop deck we can find a very modern lounge space, ideal to spend some time with family and friends.
This eco-friendly home is as beautiful as it is sustainable, showing us that we can truly have it all. Clea House’s well-thought design makes sure that the house blends well with its surroundings, all the while standing out from the others around it.
Photos’ Source: NDD

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