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Home Decor Ideas: One Light Fits All

How wonderful would it be if you could decorate your entire home using only one lighting design? Good news! DelightFULL has the solution and today we give you multiple home decor ideas by introducing you Ike Family. This mid-century lighting fixture has a versatile component that allows you to decorate every room in your home and still making each one unique. Scroll down and be amazed!

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Home Decor Ideas: One Light Fits All
Ike is one of DelightFULL’s most versatile mid century modern lamps. It comes in four different versions, two floor lights, and two pendant/ceiling fixtures. And as you can see, what is so great about this design is its simple and minimalist lines. The cylindrical lamp shades handmade in brass and finished in plated gold, nickel or even copper make it easy to use in pretty much any room and with any style.

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Home Decor Ideas: One Light Fits All
If you are looking to create a statement look in your entryway, make sure to choose Ike standing lampwith 10 lampshades instead of the standard 3. It will fill up your room even more and lighten it up with the right glaze.


Home Decor Ideas: One Light Fits All
Choosing the right chandelier to place above your dining room table might not be an easy task. However, Ike chandelier makes this task very simple and honestly a no-brainer. You can choose the number of lamp shades you wish to have, as well as the finishes, meaning it is completely customizable.


Home Decor Ideas: One Light Fits All
Seeing as the living room is usually a fuller space, you can go with Ike brass floor lamp with only three shades. Place it next to a lounge or armchair and use it as a reading or task light. We promise the result will be extraordinary!


Home Decor Ideas: One Light Fits All
With a very sleek look, this minimalist pendant lamp almost looks like it was made to be used as a bedside lighting fixture. Make the best of it by using it in more contemporary-inspired projects.


Home Decor Ideas: One Light Fits All
Ike pendant light can also be used in more humid environments, such as a bathroom, for example. You can use it as an accent piece more than an actual lamp, and make the best of this sophisticated lighting design. In the photo above you can see how it works beautifully hovering over that luxurious towel rack.
Home Decor Ideas: One Light Fits All

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