🔝 5️⃣ Best Ceiling Lamps to Make Every Room Spectacular

Ceiling lamps may seem like a basic feature in your room, but that ain’t true! It adds a whole dimension to your room and creates or enforces the ambience of your room.

Ceiling lamps are very much important for no matter the room you want to lighten up. It’s important to keep the following tips in mind while choosing the one you want. If you can answer “YES” to all of these questions, you know that you’re going to buy the perfect ceiling lamp.
1) Does it fit in your interior style? Don’t mix high-tech with classic.
2) Do you really like the lamp? You’re going to see it the whole time, so make sure you like it.
3) Does it add extra value to your room? A ceiling lamp should add value to enforce the ambience and the style of the room. To make you room extra special.

Here are 5 of the best ceiling lamps we’ve got and we’ll be showing you why they suit perfectly in the room.

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The first example of our selection of the best ceiling lamps takes us to our dreams. The Cloud Lamp Small Light is everything your child wished to have in his/her bedroom. It suits perfectly because of the amazing soft colours, and because of it’s unique soft materials. This light will help you create a nice bedroom where your child will always feel safe and sleep very well.

Ebook Top ID Mid-Century
🔝 5️⃣ Best Ceiling Lamps to make every room spectacular

Number 2 of our top 5 ceiling lamps selection is in a whole other room, the hall. Look at the special style of the walls, the snake and the Japanese styled window make this room special. There’s no way a simple chandelier would suit in here, agree? Well here we see the Coltrane Suspension Lighting, it suits with the ambience of the hall and the colours. This lamp blends in, but also make you turn your head. It’s a perfect addition to this room.

🔝 5️⃣ Best Ceiling Lamps to make every room spectacular

The next one in the row of these 5 amazing ceiling lamps is, again, not in the same room as the two above. In this little corner, near the sideboard, you see the Ike Pendant Light. You may say: “Well this looks like it’s just a little space of a room, not relevant.” And that’s where you’re wrong. Your house, no matter how small or big, will always have a space that gets ‘less attention’. Tha’s a shame because your house is unique and you should treat it with love. By even putting a ceiling lamp in a ‘less important’ piece of your room, you’ll add extra value to the whole room. This Ike Pendant lamp is perfect here because it adds value on top of the sideboard. And the golden touches make it also very ‘attractive’ to look at. You see, ceiling lamps have more ‘power‘ than you’d imagine.

🔝 5️⃣ Best Ceiling Lamps to make every room spectacular

The 4th amazing example of these ceiling lamps is in a living room, but now we’ll take a look at the whole living room. The Cannonball Suspension may seem like a bombastic light, but take a look at how good it blends in this very mid-century styled living room. So, everything depends on how you decorate your interior. The Cannonball does add extra value and ambience to the living room, so it doesn’t matter, as longs as you love what you see, and let everything blend in.

🔝 5️⃣ Best Ceiling Lamps to make every room spectacular

The fifth and last example of our top five of these ceiling lamps will be a dining room. So, you see no matter where we are in a house, a ceiling lamp can make every room extra special. This dining room is carachterised by the black and white details. The Elle suspension light makes this dining room complete, thanks to the black and silver colours.

🔝 5️⃣ Best Ceiling Lamps to make every room spectacular

So, you see that all these ceiling lamps gave an answer on at least 2 of the 3 questions I’ve asked in the beginning. Taste is something personal, but I’m sure at least one of these lamps got your attention! 😜

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Let us know if these tips and this article about our top 5 ceiling lamps that will make every room spectacular!

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